• Character Creation Screen

  • Full Quest System

  • Stat and Class Editor

  • Full Item Editor

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RPG Advanced Framework coming soon to the Unity Asset Store.

What is RPG Advanced Framework?

A full C# framework and custom editor toolset for creating 3rd person RPG style games. You will be able to make a simple hack n' slash to complex D&D mechanic type game in no time.

All the hard work has be done. Now you can just spend the time creating your unique style RPG.  With this framework you can quickly set up the rules and definitions to your game with all our custom editors to get our game up and running with very little effort. 

RPG Advanced Framework works on Unity 3D 4.6 beta 21 or higher. Works on all platforms. RPGA comes with a full demo showing you a game from character creation to full level demo with NPC good and bad and quests and such. With the demo all GUI is created using only the new Unity 4.6 GUI system. No need to buy any other 3rd party software.


Full C# Source Code included.

Customizable Character Stat System

Character Class, Race and Faction System

Item Database Editor (Basic, Consumable , Armor and Weapons)

Spell System for creating melee, ranged, projectile spells as well as an advanced spell class to inherit from for creating advanced spells like Cloaking, Mounting and shape shifting.

Debuff / Buff System

Drag and Drop Inventory / Equipment

Drag and Drop Spell Bar / Spell Book

Advanced NPC Custom Editor

NPC Vendor System


Customizable AI Brain for each NPC

NPC Spawns and Player Revive Spawns.

NPC Pathing System

Player Item Bank

Crafting and Gathering System with proficiency level training

Quest and Dialogue System

Full Mecanim Player and NPC controllers

3rd person and Top Down camera controllers 

Save and Load

Full Demo using new Unity 4.6 GUI. (Separate Download)


Full documentation is provided in the RPGA Documentation section. Since we are the Alpha phase some documentation is missing and will be done before we go live. 


Support issues and bugs will be tracked in the forums. We can only fix bugs that are found in the compiled DLL RPGA framework. If you can reproduce the bug in the DLL version then we will fix it.

What RPG Advanced Framework is NOT.

RPGA is not multiplayer and has no plan to be. We may create a separate framework for multiplayer at a much later date.

RPGA does not use legacy GUI. 

RPGA currently does not have a legacy animation controller. If need is there we may create one but currently no plan is there too.

RPGA does not have any unique art assets. All art assets are public domain either from Unity or opengameart.org. All art assets used are free to use for commercial use if you want.

Learn more

There is much more to learn about how to use RPGA! You can learn much more at the RPGA documentation section and on the forums.

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